2015-08-30 14.14.52.jpgTravel writing isn’t something I really ever considered before teaching a community writing class at my local community college. The class was actually about how to submit your writing to online magazines and blogs, not travel writing specifically, but it turned out that was a major interest of the students. I always try to tailor my classes to what my students most want to learn about, so I dove into the world of travel writing to see what it was all about and find tips for my students.

Then, almost by chance, when I met with my advisor at UNM (crazy me is going back to college!), he mentioned there was a 400 level travel writing class being offered for the summer that I should take. So, I did, and I’ve loved it! I was originally posting my homework assignments on my author blog, but my instructor recommended I start a separate blog, which clearly I did.

So, here it is.

My husband and two kids and I love traveling. We love hiking, ruins, museums, camping, shows, food, and exploring. We don’t have a ton of time to travel, but we try to squeeze in a few trips here and there. If you want to follow along through the blog, we’d love to have you!